This show be tryin’ it.

Their shirts are inverses … has this happened before, O TW costume mavens?

Not that I remember for Stiles and Derek.

I can’t add images to this post, but Liam and Malia have a similar costume mirroring in the promos for S4, which is why there are theories they are linked somehow — siblings, or Malia is a changeling who took the place of the missing Hale child, or something of that nature. But Malia has echoed a lot of people this season, so it may be something more sinister, or just her being a mimic and trying to fit in.

In Time of Death, Stiles is wearing a green checked shirt over a black t-shirt, and Kate is wearing a green t-shirt under a black jacket. The last time they met — when Kate took Derek out the window — Stiles was in the ringer shirt.

I don’t remember mirrored clothing for any other pairs of characters, but I might not have noticed.

Stiles and Derek have worn almost identical outfits before in ways I think were deliberate parallels.

Derek is wearing a red t-shirt and dark jacket when he jump-starts the jeep after looking for Stiles in Riddled. He’s not the one to find Stiles in the end. Stiles is wearing a red t-shirt and dark jacket when the jeep breaks down while looking for Derek in The Dark Moon. He’s not the one to find Derek in the end.

In 3B, they both wear versions of the ringer shirt, although at different times. My theory is the ringer shirt signals the wearer has been targetted by a supernatural danger. Liam was wearing a version of the ringer shirt in Perishable after his price goes up in the dead pool.

I’m also starting to think shirts with brown and/or green, in them represent the nemeton.

How the hell did they FIND mirrored shirts, even.

Wasn’t there an interview with someone in costuming that said they deconstructed/reconstructed clothing to make it fit the actors? 

Well, my new headcanon is that they purchased 2 shirts, deconstructed, then reconstructed mis-matched.  So Derek and Stiles are kinda sorta wearing each other’s clothing. 

And I think they said the pockets on Stiles’ shirts were put there deliberately. In the last ep both Stiles and Scott had the same (I think but could’ve been different colours) pocket on their shirts. Stiles in the hospital scene with sheriff and Scott when he went to count the money.

I was wondering myself if they got two shirts together, or just from the same place/label/whatever, and then added the pocket to Stiles shirt. Hmm.